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Does It Hurt?

If you have ever popped your knuckles and felt the pressure build up just before it popped, that is what the diversified technique feels like. Dr. Ellis can use the activator or other techniques which are even more gentle. If the joint being adjusted is very sore to where it is even sore just to touch, then you can expect some discomfort at the moment of the adjustment, but that pain goes away almost immediately after the treatment.

About one out of our 20 patients report being sore after adjusted. It is much like the soreness you feel after working out. This soreness usually goes away within 24 hours, and is usually felt only after the first or second visit.

Why Do Some Medical Doctors Disapprove?

Many medical doctors do continue to be uncomfortable with chiropractic and are hesitant to recommend our services. Most of these have good intentions and want to steer their patients toward the best treatments. In most cases they don't recommend chiropractic because they are unfamiliar with what we do. They would be surprised to see the vast amounts of clinical research to support chiropractic. If they were to spend a week at a chiropractic college they would be impressed with the quality of education. And if they were to spend a few days in a chiropractic office they would be happy to see the great results so many of our patients get. I really don't feel medical doctors who don't approve of chiropractic are trying to be antagonistic. They just aren't familiar with us.

Will Insurance Cover It?

The answer is most cases.

  • If you have no insurance there are many payment options that may fit your needs.
  • If you've been in a car wreck, auto insurance often covers chiropractic costs.
  • If you are 65 years old or older Medicare typically covers your care, there are some plans that cover most of your expenses and others that cover very little.
  • If you have a Medicaid Card we are providers and much of your care should be covered.

What Techniques Do You Use?

Chiropractic techniques Dr. Ellis uses are: diversified, Drop table, activator and impulse techniques as well as Cox flexion distraction, going from most rigorous to the most gentle technique. He also uses active release, for muscles and adjusts extremity joints such as the shoulder and the TMJ. Therapies used in the office include moist hot packs, ice, kinesio-taping techniques, ultrasound, interferential electrical stimulation, and intersegmental traction roller beds in which the roller can be controlled by the patient to stay on the areas of the spine most needed. The patient can also control the depth of the roller and the vibration.


Ellis Chiropractic is across the street from the new Ace Hardware that used to be Ridley's Market. We are between One Stop Auto and the kindergarten on the right side of Judicial, the one way street traveling east.

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