Some conditions such a kinked neck from sleeping funny on the night before may only take an adjustment or two to get rid of the pain and maybe only one or two more visits to finish loosening up the tight joints so it doesn't relapse.

Other conditions such as whiplash, or bulged discs may take months of care to alleviate the pain and then even more treatment to stablize and strengthen the area.

Each patient's condition is different but here are some circumstances that effect healing time and how fast you can expect recovery.

  • When we are very young, early twenties and younger, especially if we are younger then 12, we seem to heal very quickly.  It's unfair : ) but it's a fact of life.
  • If the condition has been there for a long time, it will take longer to heal. If we come in for treatment soon after an injury or pain begins, or even better get occassional checkups before pain even begins to find stuck joints, treatment will be quicker.  Of
  • If patients are consistant with appointments they get better faster. When you are in pain Dr. Ellis usually recommends 3 visits/ week.  It isn't easy to disrupt your busy schedule to keep these, but patients who do find they need fewer total visits and see faster results.
  • If patients do their home stretches and exercises they get better faster. Dr. Ellis will give you some things to do at home to help speed the recovery.  It is hard to remember to do them, but those who are diligent, regularly see faster results.
  • If patients avoid things that aggrevate the condition they get better faster. Things such as lifting heavy if you have a sprained low back, or working overhead if you have shoulder tendonitits.  Sometimes there is just no way to avoid doing some things.  We all have obligations we are committed to that require us to work, it's O.K. we'll work with it and provide bracing etc. to help out the best we can.
  • Smoking slows the healing process and even causes the pain to be worse. Good medical research has shown smoking significantly reduces healing time.  Just one more reason to make a plan to quit.
  • If there is numbness/ tingling in the arms or legs, the condition is involving the nerves and often takes more time to heal.
  • If you can't sleep - you can't heal. Sometimes the pain is so great it makes it hard to even sleep.  But we need sleep for our bodies to heal.  This is so important Dr. Ellis will refer you for pain medication if necessary.
  • Healing requires good nutrition and overall healthy living. If we take care of our bodies they will take care of us.