• Graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah spring of 1992 with a degree in exercises science. 
  • Worked on a Masters degree at I.S.U. in physical therapy for 3 semesters before changing to chiropractic.
  • After 4 years at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon I recieved a doctorate degree with honors in the fall of 1997.  To see the curriculum at W.S.C.C. just click here... http://www.wschiro.edu/index.php?option=comcontent&task=view&id=28item=44 Just click on any of the 4 years and it will bring up the curriculum for that year.


I love being a chiropractor!  I would do it all over again.  Like many people who haven't had experience with a good chiropractor, I used to think chiropractors were voodoo doctors or something.

I was interested in a career that helped people and I was fascinated by the human body, so something in health care made sense.  My uncle was a physical therapist and I admired his work, so I planned to join him in that field.  After graduating from B.Y.U. and three semesters in physical therapy school I began to see it might not be the perfect fit for me.  Although there were many things I loved about physical therapy, I began searching other careers and was considering orthopedic surgery when I ran into an old friend of mine at the gym.  He had a full scholarship to Stanford and told me he ws going into chiropractic.  I was a little surprised that a kid with his ability would choose such a career (remember I still had a somewhat low opinion of chiropractic).  He asked me if I had ever been to one, I said no.  After talking with me for a bit he told me I didn't know it yet but chiropractic was perfect for me and that I should look into it.  So I hung out with some chiropractors in Pocatello and was so impressed with their knowledge and skill and the amazing results their patients were getting.  So I made the switch.  It cost me 4 more years of college, and $130,000.00 more in tuition student loans to switch to chiropractic.  But my friend was right, chiropractic is perfect for me, and yes I would do it all over again.



  • Snow skiing
  • kayaking
  • singing
  • exercise
  • movies - my favorites are Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption, Dumb and dumber, and Nacho Libre - (it's o.k. to like stupid humor)


  • I was raised in Moreland Idaho by Eddie and Marty Ellis.  I grew up in the same house my Dad grew up in.  My Mom was a Williams from Thomas, so between the two I'm related to about everyone in the valley.
  • My fondest childhood memory was my Dad driving his 67 mustang down the Arco hwy toward town.  The windows were down and the warm evening air was rushing in.  The "Ooga chucka" song was playing on the radio and my Dad was trying to sing along.  My little brother Wade and I were belly laughing as we jumped up and down in the back seat.  Good times!
  • I moved irrigation pipe in the summers for a job which taught me the value of hard work, and confirmed my commitment to get a college education.
  • I graduated from Snake River High school in 1985.  I loved singing in the chamber singers for Marva Jensen, and wrestling with good old Coach Willy and taking art from Colleen Marriott.
  • I served an L.D.S. mission to Boston Mass. between 1986-1988.  It was a great experience.
  • I married Valerie in 2005 and together we have 7 kids and built a house in Riverside with enough bedrooms that we had to get special variance from the zoning board for hotel status in a residential area.  O.K. when I was growing up 7 kids didn't seem to be a lot, but it seems like a lot to me now.